Preparing an image for fine art printing.

Have you ever wanted to mount your favorite photo on the wall to show off to others? That’s what fine art printing can do for you. If you have a high-quality printer, you can print from home. If not, you may want to pay for a company to print it. I always opt to send my photos to another company to print so I can receive the print on metallic paper.

fine art printing

This photo was taken in Yellowstone during the sunset. I had my camera propped on a tripod and turned on bracketing. The initial shutter speed was at 0.6 seconds, with an aperture of f/22 and ISO 100. By using a f/22, I was able to capture the sun glare in this composition.

In post-production, I merged the bracketed images together and enhanced the colors. I also sharpened up the foreground and used dodge and burn to enhance the highlights and shadows.

fine art printing

This is a mockup of how I would want the photo to look once it is framed and hanging on the wall after the fine art printing.