Illustrating A Calendar: A 3 Week Project

Whenever I design, I feel like I am able to put a piece of myself into the final product. Most of the time, it’s my style or my dedication. Every so often, I decide to create a design that relates to who I am and defines what I value. These projects are the ones I’m most proud of.

That’s what this project did for me. I grew up in the beautiful Southern California sunshine that truly defined who I am and how I see the world. I never realized how blessed I was to live near some amazing locations. I’ve always wanted to create something that appreciated my roots of Southern California, but I never could think of something that was special enough.

I decided to make an illustrative calendar, but I wasn’t exactly sure what the theme would be. I debated about national park locations and even fictional illustrations. Then I realized that I could highlight some of my favorite locations across Southern California that give me fond memories.

Due to the short amount of time for this project, I was going to create six finalized illustrations, along with six more drafts for the remaining months. Each month would highlight different locations around Southern California that were dear to me.

Please enjoy my written case study which breaks down my process and showcases my final designs after 3 weeks.