Finalizing my personal style photography project

For my personal style photography project, I wanted to create a lookbook of my work. My idea changed quite a few times, but I finally decided that I want to start marketing myself as a portrait photographer. In my lookbook, I have examples from different portrait shoots. I wanted this lookbook to be something I could hand to potential clients for them to see my work on the go. That’s why I printed it smaller rather than larger. I’ve realized that I specifically love graduation, headshots and engagement shoots. That is why I did a new engagement shoot and studio headshot shoot to have additional work to highlight in this book.


personal style photography project



personal style photography project

personal style photography project

The first photoshoot I captured for this project was three new studio headshots. I had my models stand in front of a black sheet with a main light and a hair light. I did this photoshoot because I don’t have many examples of my indoor portrait photography and wanted to show it off.



personal style photography project

personal style photography project

The next photoshoot I did was an engagement shoot. I have a few engagement shoot examples that I captured back home in California, but nothing I could show in the mountainside. Since that is my new market up here, I figured it would be beneficial to add three new engagement photos to my portfolio and lookbook.


personal style photography project personal style photography project

Here was my plan for my personal style photography project.

I’m grateful for this opportunity to learn and grow. I know that without setting aside this project to define my personal style, I wouldn’t be able to have my branding as consistent as it has become.

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