Photography Business Branding

Photography business branding for Juleen Mathias Photography

photography business branding

The Fstoppers website has an article that mentions that photography business branding can make or break your business. I completely agree that branding is where everyone places their first impressions of your company. I knew that I had to come up with a cohesive style guide that fit my brand.

I wanted to keep things looking very clean and professional. For that reason, everything is a different shade of grey, except for a pop of Candy Apple red. I chose these colors because I really believe that the combination looks very slick and professional. I designed my logo to look like my initials JAM. Although, since my business is just “Juleen Mathias Photography” and does not include my middle name, I made the “A” different than the rest of the logo.

I think through this style guide, I will be able to remain consistent for my company’s branding across all platforms so that I may be easily recognizable.