Scanner Art and Cinemagraphs

Creative photography of scanner art and cinemagraphs.

Scanner Art

scanner art

Scan art is such a unique art. Some photographers, such as Kelsey Hamilton have truly mastered the creative style of scanography. Trying to put my own spin on things, I took to the garden to pick some leaves and flowers. After a few tried of adding and taking away leaves, I finally was able to get this balanced layout. To create a black background, I covered a cookie sheet covered with a black cloth.

Since the black cloth had a bit more texture to it than I liked, I fixed it in post production. I softened the details and darkened the blacks with a selective mask to create a beautiful black background to this scan art.



Cinemagraphs are a way of combining photography and videography into one. It has become more popular for people to learn how to make their own cinemagraphs. Ready to take on the challenge for myself, I began to brainstorm some ideas I could test out.

After failing a couple of different experiments, I grabbed a cookie and a candle. To create the purple glow as side lighting, I pulled up a purple screen on my laptop at full brightness (use your resources to the fullest). The simplicity of softly blowing on the flame made for a beautiful shot.

I uploaded the video into Photoshop and cut the piece that I liked the best. By masking out only part of the video to move while leaving a still image layered on top. I created this effect that time stopped to watch this flame flicker.

Throughout creating these two images, I learned a lot in the ways of perserverence. There will be many times where I will be faced with a new challenge in the world of art. It is up to me to grow and understand the changes happening around me. After playing around a bit, I cannot wait to create some new cinemagraph and scanner art in the future.