Wellness App Design: tend.

As the world becomes increasingly digital, people are integrating technology into their health and wellness habits. With the advent of smartphones has come a new set of physical and emotional wellness challenges. But we’re entering a new era of users who are self-aware of these challenges and are taking active steps to reclaim their lifestyle and build new habits.

As a team of seven designers, we set out to design a goal-setting app with three main objectives:
     • Ease of use
     • Provides value to the user
     • Visually appealing

Throughout this project, I wore many different hats. Here are some examples of titles I earned throughout this project:
     • Art Director
     • Brand Explorer
     • Brand Style Designer
     • Style Developer
     • Animator
     • Storyboard Artist
     • Illustrator
     • Photographer
     • Content Writer

Please enjoy the written case study which breaks down our process and showcases our final app design within a semester’s worth of work.