The creation of a student photography portfolio throughout the semester.

This semester in COMM 316 has definitely not been an easy one, but it has been a semester full of growth and success. I’m astounded to see all my hard work pay off in this student photography portfolio. Starting this semester, I was fairly confident behind the camera, but this class has further instilled in my mind that you never stop learning. No matter if you may be a master or a novice, there is always something new to learn.

If you were to show me some of these pictures at the beginning of the semester and tell me that I would be capturing such beauty, I would not have believed you. I’m proud of how much I have learned throughout 4 short months. I cannot wait to continue refining my photography skills.

For now, I hope you will click through these images in my portfolio to dig deeper into my process for each of these photos. Here is some of my best work that I captured throughout the course of this semester to add to my student photography portfolio: